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Sunday, June 8, 2014


Here is my first currently thanks to Runde's Room and Oh Boy, Fourth Grade

I was writing report cards. In fact I already plugged at them for 15 hours. This time I thought I count how long it takes me to complete my report cards, and these are the hours actually logged into eTeacher (report card writing program), I'm not even going to count the hours I spend marking. Technically I am logged on right now but I am not counting the time since I got sidetracked with completing my first "Currently" and with this I learned how to use Picasa. I see some fun things ahead of my blogging days.

So as I soak in the Dixie Chicks, Wide Open Spaces, I am loving the summer weather. I am thinking how I will survive the last 3 weeks of school. Report cards are due in 1 week.
I do want to go on vacation and luckily I have a flight booked to Calgary in July.
I so need a massage. My last massage was in October. I usually spoil myself a lot more than this.
This summer, I plan on just having a great break with my son. I'm sad that my husband will have to work the entire summer since he just started a new job. But we plan to do some cottaging and camping. Going to the beach, aquarium, zoo and just spending a lot of time outside.

The Ontario elections are coming up on Thursday, June 12th. At first, I was confident in the decision on which party I was going to vote for. If you follow me on Twitter, it's evident that I am on the #stophudak bus. I am trying to be informed during this election and I read the PC platform. I am trying to understand why anyone would vote PC. I asked my husband who worked for the private sector and now for the public sector. He feels a lot of money has been wasted, which is true since Ontario is in debt. Taxpayers are upset and they feel the PC party is going to fix it. As a teacher, I just can't imagine what those cuts will do to the education system. This year I have 29 students, if class sizes increase, does that mean more students next year? I had no educational assistants in my class and I know for sure 3 of my students needed EA support and at least 5 more can use some extra Special Education support. I didn't have it so I sucked it up and did my job. All I want to do is do my job and do it well without all this political drama. I may be dreaming, but a girl can dream.


  1. That's so neat that you live in Canada! I have never met anyone from Canada. I've been once and it was to Niagra Falls. Here in MD, we just started getting some good weather! I am in need of a vacation too so I cannot wait until July when we head to Punta Cana! I haven't even started my report cards...better get on that :)

    Kayla Nelson
    The Elementary Life

    1. Hi Kayla.. I actually got married in Niagara Falls. I've never been to Maryland..but here many wonderful things about the east coast. Best of luck to the end of the year. Cheers.